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The Simpsons confirms Homer will no longer strangle Bart to reflect changing times

The Simpsons confirms Homer will no longer strangle Bart to reflect changing times

No longer a chokehold over Bart

Viewers are used to seeing Bart being strangled by Homer whenever the young son acted up and caused Homer's rage to boil over. Now, to reflect the changing times, The Simpsons creators have confirmed that the choking will no longer appear in the show.

It was a comedy moment that appeared so many times - Bart would push Homer too far and end up being choked, pulling faces and making gagging noises. After years of strangling, it seems Bart no longer will suffer the hands of Homer.

The Simpsons has been on our screens for over 35 years

Oddly, The Simpsons show has directly referred to the strangling and its absence in the latest episode of season 35, showing on Disney+. As Homer meets a new neighbour, Thayer, Homer shakes the man's hand. The new neighbour remarks on the strength of Homer's grip to which the father remarks, "See, Marge, strangling the boy paid off."

This is followed by another comment of "Just kidding, I don't do that anymore. Times have changed." And they really have. It's not really an acceptable thing to laugh at; a young boy being choked by his father, even if it's supposed to be a joke. 2023 is perhaps considered by many as too late to retire the joke, but at least steps have been taken to remove the gag.

Back in season 22 there was an episode dedicated to the choking, called 'Love is a Many Strangled Thing' which showed Homer attend classes to learn how Bart must have felt during those angered outbursts, that he may have felt "young, small, and terrified.'

The Simpsons has, in recent years, pivoted whenever the social landscape has deemed it necessary, much as they did with Apu and his recasting from a white actor to a better representation. Times change as Homer said, and we should all change with them.

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