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The Boys season 4 is coming in June, brace yourselves

The Boys season 4 is coming in June, brace yourselves

The Boys are back in town

The Boys are back in town. Well, they will be. Sooner than we thought, too. The hugely popular Amazon Prime show, based on the comic books of the same name, will be back on our screens in June.

June 13th on Amazon Prime, to be precise. Then we get The Boys back together to fight off the ever-present threat of Homelander as he teams up with Victoria Neauman in a race to hold political power as the world finds itself divided over the existence of superheroes. That’s ‘supes’ if you’re Billy Butcher.

The Boys season four is coming to Amazon Prime in June

I’ve been obsessed with The Boys since the first episode and have been along for the ride throughout the many ups and downs of the show. Season four is looking to be a tough one for fans of the mismatched team led by Karl Urban’s Butcher, as Homelander looks to be trying to fast track his way to the White House.

Gosh, Homelander is such a vile, but brilliant character. He’s the guy we all love to hate and is played so fantastically by Antony Starr. I’m sure the dude is lovely in real life, but I can’t help but see his smile as a self-satisfied grin that I just want to slap. A testament to the guy’s acting, for sure.

Who knows what kinds of ups and downs we’re going to experience (probably those who have read the comics) but I know I’ll probably watch much of this season through closed fingers. The Boys creates such an intense world filled with horrible people who will do anything for a slice of power or a bank full of money. You just know that this season will push the boundaries as far as they will go and put us through the wringer at the same time. 13 June can’t get here quick enough.

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