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The Boys season 4 trailer has fans celebrating return of 'best show ever'

The Boys season 4 trailer has fans celebrating return of 'best show ever'

2024 is already saved, thanks to The Boys

The season four trailer for The Boys has dropped, and we’re totally and utterly ready for this one. As the fandom consistently says, this marks the return of the “best show ever”.

You’ll all remember how hyped everyone was when Amazon Prime teased us with a sneak peek of the upcoming season back in November, with the simple caption “Let’s light this candle”. Well, the hype we have now is far more palpable.

Watch the dawning of a new season of The Boys for yourself right now!

Arguably, the scene that’s setting ablaze to that candle is the still of Homelander grinning while covered in blood. At the end of season three, Homelander went off the deep end, embracing his newfound freedom in a speech that sent a shiver down the spine of all who watched. In case you need a reminder, here’s that speech in full:

“I don’t make mistakes. I’m not ‘just like the rest of you.’ I’m stronger. I’m smarter. I’m better. I am better. I’m not some weak-kneed f**king crybaby that goes around f**king apologizing all the time. And why the f**k would you want me to be? (…) All my life, people have tried to control me. My whole life.”

“Rich people, powerful people have tried to muzzle me, cancel me, keep me impotent and obedient, like I’m a f**king puppet. You know what? It worked. Because I allowed it to work. And guess what? If they can control me, then you can bet your ass they can control you. They already do. You just don’t realize it. I’m done. I am done apologizing. I am done being persecuted for my strength. You people should be thanking Christ that I am who and what I am, because you need me. You need me to save you. You do. I am the only one who possibly can. You’re not the real heroes. I’m the real hero. I’m the real hero.”

Since then, we’ve been wondering just how The Boys will put a stop to this escalation before more blood is spilt. A question with a hint of an answer as Homelander wears the blood of yet another person while laughing about it. As one fan said, “This is cinema”. A widely hearted post that was followed by another fan praising the Homelander actor for giving one of the “greatest performances we’ve seen in the comic book genre.”

It looks as if 2024 is shaping up to be “historic”, and it’s all thanks to the return of The Boys.

Featured Image Credit: Amazon Prime

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