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Pokémon Misty voice actor confirms cancer diagnosis

Pokémon Misty voice actor confirms cancer diagnosis

Beloved actor shares personal news

The actor behind the iconic roles of Pokémon's Misty and Jesse has recently confirmed her cancer diagnosis.

For those of us who grew up watching the early Pokémon episodes and films, Misty, and indeed Jessie, are two characters that occupy our minds rent free.

Be it because of Misty’s determination, or because of Jessie’s cutting remarks and style; both characters are intrinsic to those early seasons, and to Pokémon culture as a whole.

Rachael Lillis didn’t personally confirm her diagnosis, her “brother”, Eric Stuart, did. Stuart will be well known to fans also, as he’s the voice behind James and Brock.

In a heartfelt Twitter post, Stuart shared, “This is not easy news to share. I have been friends with Rachael for over 25 years.”

“Most people may know us as the silly villains Jessie and James from Team Rocket or Misty and Brock from Pokémon. Please give what you can. F**k cancer,” Stuart concludes, alongside a link for a GoFundMe page.

“Unfortunately, Rachael can barely walk due to cancer that has spread to her spine from breast cancer. She is receiving care at the nursing home, but it can be uncomfortably noisy, and it’s difficult for her to manage rest,” the fundraiser description reads.

The original target for the campaign was $20,000, but that number has been surpassed as fans and friends rally around to help Lillis through this difficult time.

“Sending much love her way. I’ll try to help get the word out for her. One of the many voices of our childhoods, yours included [Eric Stuart]. Breaks my heart she’s going through this,” commented one fan.

Another posted, “Donated what I could, and I hope it helps in any way. I’ll forever be grateful for both your performances as Jessie and James in the early Pokémon seasons, it’s the least I can do to support her through it.”

From everyone here at GAMINGbible, we hope Lillis is able to get the care and support necessary to help her through this trying time.

Featured Image Credit: The Pokémon Company, IMDb

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