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OG Star Wars trilogy has a Sith secret you definitely never noticed

OG Star Wars trilogy has a Sith secret you definitely never noticed

Have you ever noticed this?

Fans are realising that the OG Star Wars trilogy never mentioned one important fact about the Sith.

The OG Star Wars trilogy still holds up as some of the greatest pieces of cinema of all time, and they become infinitely more rewatchable when you’ve seen the prequels and other Star Wars media, like when Ben Kenobi references the clone wars in A New Hope.

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However if you’re a lore aficionado who loves soaking up all the minor details in George Lucas’ writing, you might have noticed that there’s something very important missing from the original trilogy’s story.

There’s no mention of the Sith. Sure they’re there, Emperor Palpatine is a Sith lord, as is Darth Vader but they never actually name drop the order on the big-screen until they get to the prequels.

It’s a minor thing but also really weird when you think about it, especially since Luke is enamoured by the mythical idea of Jedi, but never once decides to ask what the other side is called. Of course we know at the time of filming that the Sith weren’t a concept just yet, only referred to as the Dark Side, but it is funny that George Lucas hadn’t decided to name them sooner.

Fans discussed the little detail on Reddit, with one fan providing an in-universe explanation that’s as follows: The original Star Wars doesn't build up this crazy dichotomy of Jedi and Sith. It introduces Darth Vader as a fallen Jedi Knight … he's a Jedi who turned to evil, but his fighting style is that of a Jedi.”

The thread also led to additional mind-blowing realisation that the Ewoks were never named as Ewoks, Leia’s last name, Organa, was ever said, or the dreaded midichlorians thankfully…

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