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Netflix drops first trailer for Squid Game season two

Netflix drops first trailer for Squid Game season two

The first trailer for season two of Squid Game has arrived, due to air this year.

It’s been a little over two years since Squid Game first graced our screens, with the South Korean drama rapidly taking the world by storm.

It quickly became one of Netflix’s most-watched TV shows ever, topping the streaming service’s charts in over 94 countries. It racked up over 1.65 billion viewing hours, which is quite the achievement for a series that, prior to airing, wasn’t likely on many people’s radar. If you are yet to watch Squid Game, if that’s possible, it centres around a deadly competition that sees participants take part in children’s games in a bid to win an enormous cash prize. The catch? If you lose you die. The show has since spawned a reality spin off, Squid Game: The Challenge, which saw a lucky US winner take home $4.56 million. Don’t worry, the consequences of losing the reality version were far less dire.

What many fans have been waiting for though is season two of the acclaimed drama, and Netflix has finally dropped the first trailer.

I’ll warn you, it’s pretty dang short, but hey. It’s something. Take a look at season two of Squid Game season two in action below.

The very short trailer shows Player 456 still sporting his red hair promising to find a mystery person on the other end of the phone line, telling them they’ll “regret their decision”. The series is set to air sometime this year.

Thankfully to soften the blow, a few stills were also dropped. In the first, Seong Gi-hun appears to be in a nightclub staring at a nearby Squid Game worker. This time, I should add, the character is without his red tresses. The others seemingly feature a shady business deal, the unmasked Front Man, and perhaps a new victim ready to join the next round of Squid Game.

This may still be a small tease but it’s got fans hyped. “It’s happening,” one explained, while another added, “Finally.” Now we just need to wait for that release date.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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