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Monsters Inc. voted the best Disney Pixar movie of them all

Monsters Inc. voted the best Disney Pixar movie of them all

Our friends over at UNILAD have compiled a ranking of Pixar films - and Monsters Inc has come out on top.

Uh oh. I fear this may cause a few debates. Pixar has created some iconic films throughout the years and naturally, we all have our favourites. You may need to defend your favourite in just a few moments though as we’re about to dive into a ranking - and you know how divisive these things can get.

Our friends over at UNILAD gathered together to collectively rank all 27 of Pixar’s films. Each individual's ranking was combined to create the master list and we have a winner. Monsters Inc. was crowned the best Pixar film and I hate to say it but I already disagree. Let’s dive into the full list.

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That’s right. UNILAD placed Monsters Inc. in the top spot with a score of 94.5%. There’s no denying that it’s a banging film but personally, I would’ve placed Coco at number one. Thankfully, it didn’t come last. That unfortunate accolade went to Cars 3 (33.5%). In ascending order, Cars 2 (43%), The Good Dinosaur (46.8%), Elemental (48.6%), Cars (61.8%), Lightyear (62.6%), Onward (66.5%), and Brave (68.2%) take us up to 20th place. Justice for my girl Merida, please.

In 19th place, we have Finding Dory (70%), followed by Luca (71.1%), Soul (75.4%), Monsters University (75.7%), Turning Red (76%), Toy Story 4 (77.8%), A Bug’s Life (79.3%), Incredibles 2 (81.2%), and Coco (81.6%). Hm, Coco should be higher. On the other hand, it’s criminal that Toy Story 4 ranked so well.

Finally in 10th place we have Inside Out (85.7%), followed by Wall-E (87.3%), Finding Nemo (89.3%), Up (90.7%), Toy Story 3 (91.1%), Ratatouille (91.6%), Toy Story 2 (92.3%), The Incredibles (93.6%), Toy Story (94.2%) and then, of course, Monsters Inc. I think it’s fair to say very few of us would argue against the high rankings of Ratatouille and the original Toy Story trilogy. Overall though, a spicy list.

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