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Jack Black cast as Steve in live-action Minecraft movie

Jack Black cast as Steve in live-action Minecraft movie

Steve now has an actor, but will Jack Black live up to expectations?

Jack Black is becoming an epicentre of video gaming adaptations, with his latest role in the upcoming Minecraft movie firmly solidifying that truth.

Oh yes, the voice that so passionately sang ‘Peaches’ in Super Mario Bros. is about to jump into another franchise, this time as the ever-digging Steve. Black is joining a star-studded cast, including Aquaman’s Jason Momoa, Wednesday’s Emma Myers, and Peacemaker’s Danielle Brooks.

Watch the final trailer for the Super Mario Bros. film to see Jack Black crushing it

Now with Black joining the mix, it seems the live-action Minecraft will be unstoppable – even if it flops, people will go to see it because they want to know if it lives up to the game. It’s the video game cinematic circle, with even terrible casting choices (*cough* Chris Pratt as Mario) leading to success nine times out of ten.

The thing is, with Jack Black now seemingly everywhere, could he soon end up like Tom Holland, where gamers cry out for him not to be cast because he’s in everything? Could we end up fed up with Jack Black? It seems unlikely, but stranger things have happened.

For now, though, questions over whether Black will fall from grace seem redundant when we still know little about what the live-action Minecraft film will involve. Sure, everyone is expecting blocky goodness, but beyond that, they’re still ironing out the writing credits if Deadline’s report is to be believed.

With the release of the film slated for April 2025, and production said to start “immediately”, deciding on writing credits feels like a pressing matter that needs addressing. It’s possible that the Minecraft movie gets delayed, especially seeing as a form of the film has been “in the works” for roughly a decade now, though we hope that isn’t the case.

Hopefully, the next time we write about the film, it’s to tell you how incredible Jack Black is at portraying Steve, rather than us crying over what could have been a great film.

Featured Image Credit: Microsoft/Jablinski Games via YouTube

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