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Marvel officially teases new MCU series we've been waiting years for

Marvel officially teases new MCU series we've been waiting years for

It sounds like a good one

Marvel upcoming MCU series, Wonder Man, has been teased as some “extremely different” to what we’ve seen before by Kevin Feige himself.

While I think we can all agree the Marvel Cinematic Universe isn’t what it used to be, I wouldn’t call it bad, it’s just different.

We’ve still got a lot to look forward to, like the trailer for Deadpool And Wolverine you can see below

With characters like Robert Downey Jr’s Iron Man and Chris Evans’ Captain America no longer part of the story Marvel has been hard at work introducing new characters, many of which are quickly becoming fan-favourites.

However an odd choice even by the MCU’s standards was the decision to give Wonder Man his own Disney+ series.

For those who don’t know, Wonder Man is a hero with physical resistance to most things, super strength, enhanced stamina and reflexes, and all sorts of other powers.

Kevin Feige recently spoke about the upcoming show, saying the team at Marvel is "continuing to try new storylines and taking characters to new places."

He went on to say "We have a show coming up that we’ve talked very little about called Wonder Man, that I won’t talk much about today either except to say it’s extremely different from anything we’ve done before … It’s very exciting to still be able to do new things.”

Wonder Man will be directed by Destin Daniel, who also directed Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, so we should hopefully be in for a treat when it comes to action sequences.

Also on the cards for Marvel is an Iron-Heart series, Agatha All Along, and the one I’m personally most excited for, Daredevil: Born Again, all of which will release across the rest of 2024 and 2025.

Wonder Man is expected to debut on Disney+ sometime in 2025, due to delays in filming.

Featured Image Credit: Disney

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