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Marvel star Jonathan Majors sentenced following guilty verdict in assault case

Marvel star Jonathan Majors sentenced following guilty verdict in assault case

His sentence has been handed down

Disgraced Marvel star Jonathan Majors has been handed down a sentence following the guilty verdict delivered in his assault and harassment case.

The now ex-Marvel star was found guilty of these crimes against his ex-girlfriend Grace Jabbari and since then, his career has plummeted.

Majors was a large part of ongoing MCU films before his court trial

While Majors insisted on his innocence, this didn’t stop the courts from ruling against him. He has since been handed a sentence of 52 weeks of in-person domestic abuse counselling. He dodges what could have been a one-year prison sentence.

Majors will have to continue with the therapy sessions he enrolled in during the trial, as well as keep a distance from Jabbari, avoiding any contact.

Since the guilty verdict was read Majors has lost several acting roles including his prominent appearances as Marvel’s Kang the Conquerer, who was due to be the company’s ‘big bad’ the next phase of films.

His management company dropped him from their books, while he also lost roles from several upcoming films, including a biopic of Otis Redding.

During the trial Majors conducted an interview where he insisted, “I've never put my hands, struck a woman, ever.” This had no effect on the result of the trial.

Speaking at the sentencing Jabbari made a heartfelt statement about Majors saying, “He will do this again. He will hurt another woman. This is a man who believes he's above the law,”

She continued by saying, “I had a career and life and body, all of which he's damaged. I will not rest until he's not a danger. He refuses to acknowledge guilt and take responsibility. He remains a danger to all those around him. I've seen his anger and he doesn't have control over it.”

Marvel and Disney were tight-lipped for some time during the situation but finally acted after public backlash and the trial going to court. They, of course, stripped him of his role as Kang.

Featured Image Credit: Marvel, MGM, Warner Bros

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