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Deadpool & Wolverine screened early for terminally ill fan who provides a glowing review

Deadpool & Wolverine screened early for terminally ill fan who provides a glowing review

The fan had nothing but good things to say

While the movie doesn't officially release until later this month, one terminally ill fan has seen Deadpool & Wolverine thanks to Marvel Studios, and has nothing but good things to say.

"I am about one hour away from getting a private screening of Deadpool & Wolverine thanks to Marvel Studios and The Dream Foundation (upside of being terminally ill)," user Rotasevian posted on Reddit.

"Just finished the movie and as promised I said I would tell you guys if it was good or not and the answer is.... it's so f**cking good," the user later posted on the service.

ICYMI: Take a look at the film's trailer below.

The movie releases worldwide later this month, and brings with it a long-requested moment in X-Men movie history: the very first time we see Wolverine (and actor Hugh Jackman) wearing his iconic yellow suit. Head of Marvel, Kevin Feige, spoke about the decision in a new interview with Variety:

"Hugh Jackman having never appeared in the character's most iconic suit is like being Superman in 10 movies and never waring the Superman costume. It's a testament to Wolverine that it didn't necessarily matter; the character is more than the costume."

Speaking on his reaction to Jackman deciding to come back in the movie, Feige said that he had one main request:

"When I realised Hugh was in, I went from studio mode to 'You know you gotta get in the yellow outfit, right?'," Feige said.

In the same interview, the head honcho also spoke about how excited he is to integrate the newly acquired Fox characters into the Marvel Cinematic Universe as a whole.

"It feels almost like destiny. I've been at Marvel for over 20 years now. All those Fox characters were ones I'd never dreamed of having back purely under the fold of Marvel Studios. So when that happened, it was a giant surprise and a huge opportunity."

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