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The Lord of The Rings' biggest plot hole finally resolved so we can stop arguing

The Lord of The Rings' biggest plot hole finally resolved so we can stop arguing

Now we know

It’s been a long time coming – too long, some would argue – but we can finally close the plot hole that’s haunted a large portion of The Lord of the Rings fandom for years.

To say verbal fights have broken out over this plot point is no word of a lie.

So, what's this major Lord of the Rings plot hole that’s been gnawing away at us? It’s the giant eagles. Specifically, why the Fellowship didn’t just use them to go directly to Mordor.

Seeing as we're chatting about it, you might as well watch The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring trailer

Undoubtedly, this form of transport is an obvious choice. However, in being so obvious it’s hardly subtle, and subtlety is necessary when trying to destroy the Ring.

As Polygon’s Susana Polo exasperatedly explains, “The moment the Dark Lord realises there is a plan to destroy the Ring rather than use it, he would turn his entire operation into a find-Frodo-free-for-all."

Polo added, “That’s why Gandalf and Elrond assemble a small group to sneak into Mordor in Fellowship.”

Given the strife the group faced while attempting to be stealthily, can you imagine the hardship they’d have faced if they’d gone in guns blazing, metaphorically speaking? It would have been an even greater bloodbath than it already was.

“The eagles plan is cool, but it’s not secret,” Polo summarises.

Now that we’ve had this so carefully explained to us, we can finally stop arguing amongst ourselves over this so-called plot hole that never really was.

If you’re still struggling with this resolution, the issue likely resides with you; Polo claims that plot holes are “mostly about the viewer” rather than the film.

“Maybe you’re not a science fiction buff, and these laser swords bore you, so you find yourself focusing on how the ships make sound in space, which is impossible,” reasons Polo.

When looking for answers to questions never asked, we’re seemingly ruining the cinematic experience for ourselves in the process.

But we digress. The main takeaway is that the plot hole is resolved, once and for all.

Featured Image Credit: New Line Cinema

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