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The Last Of Us season two has officially found its Abby

The Last Of Us season two has officially found its Abby

A new report confirms that HBO's The Last of Us has officially cast someone in the role of Abby.

Well, well, well. This is an exciting development. HBO’s The Last of Us has reportedly finally found its Abby.

The Last of Us kicked the year off with a bang. Many hailed it as the greatest video game adaptation of all-time, so it’s no surprise that HBO quickly renewed the show for a second season. That season will adapt The Last of Us Part II - partly anyway, as the game is set to be adapted across multiple seasons - which means there’s one question on everybody's lips: Who will be portraying Abby? It’s a question I’m personally very excited to see answered as Abby happens to be my favourite character, and it looks as if HBO are itching to tell us their pick.

Is it time for another The Last of Us binge?

A new report by the LA Times confirms that somebody has been cast in the role of Abby. According to the report, HBO and showrunners Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmann are ready to reveal the name of the actress but cannot until the Writers Guild of America (WGA) and Screen Actors Guild (SAG-AFTRA) strikes are concluded. So, while we officially have our Abby, we’re going to have to keep theorising as to who it is for now.

Fans have long-assumed it to be The Wilds’ star Shannon Berry. Berry definitely shares a resemblance to Abby, and I could see her forming a suitable adversary to Bella Ramsey’s Ellie onscreen. There’s also the fact that Berry follows Druckmann and the official The Last of Us account and continues to like TLOU related posts. Is she just a fan, or is there something more going on here?

Mazin recently commented on the search for Abby, saying, “The strike stopped us in our tracks. Things were in process. Look, Abby was the first role that we wanted to tackle. We’ve got a pretty good track record of making major cast announcements and people going, 'Really?' which will probably continue. So people may disagree, but I think we got it right so far and the audience seems to feel we got it right and the Academy seems to feel we got it right." The wait continues.

Featured Image Credit: HBO

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