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The Last Of Us Season 2 leaked Abby casting is an interesting choice

The Last Of Us Season 2 leaked Abby casting is an interesting choice

According to sources, The Last of Us has cast its Abby for season show - and it's a familiar yet unexpected choice.

It’s the news that The Last of Us fans have all been waiting for. ‘Who will play Abby?’ is a question that’s pretty much been on everybody’s lips ever since it was confirmed that a second season of HBO’s TV adaptation was in the works.

The Last of Us kicked the year off with a bang, quickly becoming what many critics hailed as the greatest video game adaptation of all-time. Generating huge viewership numbers for HBO, it’s no surprise that the show was quickly renewed for a second season. Unfortunately, progress on that second season has been slow. Both the Writers’ Guild (WGA) and Screen Actors Guild (SAG-AFTRA) spent the vast majority of this year on strike, bringing Hollywood to a halt. With both parties now having ended their strike action after deals with the studios were reached, it’s time to get the ball rolling again. The Last of Us is due to resume filming in Vancouver, Canada, on 7 January 2024 and it looks as if we may know our Abby.

Relive the magic of the first season of The Last of Us below.

We’ve heard so many rumours about who will be bringing Abby to life, from Shannon Berry to Katy O’Brien. The latest rumour - and it is just a rumour - brings forth a new choice though. A choice many might call unexpected. According to journalist Jeff Sneider, sources claim that actress Kaitlyn Dever will be the one taking on the role. I say unexpected because a couple of years ago, many had Dever down as the perfect choice to play Ellie. How the tables have turned.

Sneider tweeted, “According to sources, Kaitlyn Dever is poised to win the role of Abby in Season Two of The Last of Us on the strength of her bravura silent turn in Brian Duffield's No One Will Save You.” I’ll admit, Abby is my favourite character so I was kind of nervous about the reveal of who might bring her to life but I think Dever is actually a great choice.

She’s an incredible actress and has expressed interest in the franchise before. While we may have a very particular image of Abby in our heads, the show’s version needs to somewhat make for a balanced match against Bella Ramsey’s Ellie, so Dever seems perfect. Of course, this casting hasn’t been confirmed by HBO. With filming due to kick off in the new year, I’m imagining we’ll get casting news soon. Perhaps at The Game Awards?

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