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House of The Dragon season 2 to feature 'awful' Red Wedding type event

House of The Dragon season 2 to feature 'awful' Red Wedding type event

This gruesome scene will shock viewers

It is no secret that author George R.R. Martin is no stranger to adding a bit of violence to his vast world but House of the Dragon season 2 is set to take it to an even darker level.

As the author behind the world-famous Game of Thrones TV show and more recently, House of the Dragon, George R.R. Martin’s expansive fantasy series is full to the brim with sex, nudity and violence.

Check out one of the trailers for House of the Dragon season 2 below!

If you have watched Game of Thrones, you will remember the event simply known as the Red Wedding which saw a vast majority of the show’s important characters killed off in quite a brutal fashion.

However, the book which inspired House of the Dragon takes things a step further.

Titled Fire & Blood, readers of the book will recognise the ‘Blood and Cheese’ event and know that it is probably set to be one of the most brutal scenes seen in the show’s history. As someone who has read the book myself, I greatly advise researching its trigger warnings.

It is set to be so awful in fact, that House of the Dragon showrunner Ryan Condal spoke about it in a recent interview with Den of Geek.

"I remember reading it and just thinking wow, George [R.R. Martin] kind of outdid himself in his own George-ness in terms of finding the awful depths of certain characters," Condal explained.

"It is not a feel-good story. As with the original Game of Thrones, there are moments of true hope and humanity that shine through the bleakness. But it's almost the bleakness that makes those things at work worthwhile."

It won’t be long before we get to see the second season with it expected to air on Max on 16 June. The season will continue the saga of the fallout of House Targaryen and the war of the Greens vs the Blacks.

Featured Image Credit: HBO

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