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Fallout showrunner wants to cast Breaking Bad star in show's second season

Fallout showrunner wants to cast Breaking Bad star in show's second season

This would be an excellent casting choice

Most of us have binged Fallout in a single day, and are now just living in Walton Goggins’ world as we try to come to terms with needing to wait far too long for season two.

As much as we’ve loved every minute of Amazon’s Fallout, a series that we’re pleased to say is better than we hoped for, it’s a shame we could finish it so quickly. Sure, we can re-watch it, but it won’t be the same as that very first time.

Still, while being able to binge an entire show in a matter of hours has its pros and cons, now we’re caught up with Fallout, we can start thinking about the next season. Specifically, who’ll be joining the cast.

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Nobody is going to top Walton Goggins’ ghoul – who, by the way, has reminded us all that ghouls deserve love too – but the co-creator of the show has a fabulous casting choice that would really spice things up.

Aaron Paul.

That's right, Fallout’s co-creator, Jonathan Nolan, would love to see the Breaking Bad star join the series according to an interview with IGN, not least of all because Paul’s a big fan of the Bethesda franchise.

Fans are sold on the idea, too. “Since we're going back to New Vegas, he'd make a fantastic Great Khan. So, I say cast him as Jack, a chem manufacturer; he'd be prefect for it,” commented Twitter user @ZoieNolan.

“Him playing Robert MacCready would be a dream come true,” said another. Generally, Paul joining the cast is ticking boxes for most fans.

The future of the franchise seems to be in good hands. Yet, there are some major concerns over what comes next, especially in terms of video games.

We want to be wowed, but with Bethesda still reeling from a lacklustre Starfield launch, concerns are abound that the devs can’t pull off another top tier Fallout without some assistance.

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