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Batman Begins is hiding one of DC's scariest villains, and you never noticed

Batman Begins is hiding one of DC's scariest villains, and you never noticed

You might have missed this...

Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy paid homage to plenty of beloved Batman villains, though you might have missed this one.

With a more grounded take on the caped crusader’s adventures, certain creative liberties had to be taken with members of Batman’s rogue gallery, leading to some outstanding performances from Heath Ledger’s Joker and Tom Hardy’s Bane.

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However, while each film had one or two major villains, it seems Christopher Nolan couldn’t help but slip in the odd side character, one of which is Victor Zsasz in Batman Begins.

If you don’t know who Zsasz is he’s essentially your run-of-the-mill serial killer, no powers or special abilities just a pure, insatiable lust for blood. When he kills someone he cuts a tally mark into his body, and in most iterations he’s covered in marks to show just how dangerous he is.

He’s pretty terrifying, and has made several appearances in Batman media over the years, though the one most will probably remember is Batman Arkham Asylum and Batman Arkham City.

In one scene of Batman Begins you can see Zsasz attempt to kill Rachel, as he’s clearly covered in his signature tally marks.

While he didn’t have a role in the film, he appears more prominently in the video game adaptation of Batman Begins, and might have also returned for the cancelled Dark Knight video game as well.

This isn’t the only time Nolan has slipped in a secret villain or two, and there have been several theories that Reese from The Dark Knight, the man who figures out Bruce Wayne is Batman and confronts Lucius Fox about it, was going to become the Riddler at some point.

With the latest Batman films with Robert Pattinson taking an even darker approach on the Batman mythos, perhaps we’ll see a serial killer like Zsasz take on a more adversarial role in a future film, or maybe even see the character appear in the upcoming Penguin spin-off series.

Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros

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