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Joker's Dark Knight plan started in Batman Begins, and we never noticed

Joker's Dark Knight plan started in Batman Begins, and we never noticed

Our eyes don't work like they used to

It’s easy to believe that the Joker’s appearance in Batman The Dark Knight wasn’t thoroughly planned out, especially considering how each film introduced a different villain.

However, DC’s infamous villain was destined to appear in The Dark Knight all along.

Before fingers start feverishly typing how silly we are to say this, just take a second and listen. You might be well aware of this upcoming detail, but more casual fans aren't; this detail is subtle, after all.

Speaking of the DC hero, have you seen the Batman Arkham Shadow trailer yet?

The reason the plan seems so obscure is due to the easy to miss easter egg at the end of Batman Begins.

When Gordon hands Batman the Joker calling card, there’s an even subtler reference to the classic comic book foe... One of his aliases.

J. Kerr is seen written on the evidence bag the card sits in. So far, no big deal, right? Well, consider this: the Joker has been committing crimes already, with his plans for The Dark Knight already set in motion.

Gordon alludes as much by referring to the Joker’s list of offences, including “double homicide” and “armed robbery”.

What is more, the alias being present proves that the Joker was already influencing the police department; he didn’t just suddenly start his manipulation in the sequel, it was already happening.

The attention to detail is astounding, yet it’s also easily overlooked.

Image credit: Warner Bros. Pictures
Image credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

If you look closer at each of the films, you’ll discover that you’ve been missing more than you realised; there’s at least eight details we’re certain you’ve missed throughout The Dark Knight Trilogy.

As for what happens to the Joker in the final film, fans are only just realising where the chaotic villain ended up.

Obviously, the passing of actor Heath Ledger meant a new villain was necessary, but that doesn’t mean the character ended as well.

Go back and watch the trilogy; we’re confident you’ll spot references you didn’t before. And if we’re wrong, well, you get to enjoy an excellent movie marathon.

Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

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