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Tony The Tiger Is Now A Twitch Streamer With A Milk Cooled PC

Tony The Tiger Is Now A Twitch Streamer With A Milk Cooled PC

Tony The Tiger will be making his Twitch debut by playing a popular battle royale game.

You may have heard the phrase VTuber but if you’re someone who hasn’t, that’s about to change. A VTuber is a computer-generated Twitch or YouTube streamer. Anime VTuber Gawr Gura has a whopping four million subscribers, and the girl isn’t even real. Barbie also has her own vlog channel with 11 million subs. VTubing is serious business and Kelloggs’ Tony The Tiger is the latest to try his hand at streaming - or should I say paw.

Check out some of our favourite Twitch wins and fails below.

You heard me right. Tony The Tiger will soon be joining Twitch. The cereal mascot is set to make his streaming debut tomorrow - 19 August - when he goes head-to-head with streamers Brennon ‘GoldGlove’ O'Neill, Chrissy Costanza and Jakeem ‘BigCheese’ Johnson on his brand new Twitch channel.

Tony The Tiger will be playing a popular battle royale game, but we don’t yet know what. Fortnite? Fall Guys? We’ll soon find out. Do tigers have opposable thumbs? This could prove to be tricky business. The stream will last for two hours and Tony is set to debut his personalised Frosted Flakes gaming set-up which includes a milk-cooled PC. Of course it does.

This is all very cursed - especially when you realise that Tony appears to have detached his ears to place them on top of his headphones. Thanks to GAMINGbible’s Catherine for providing me with that disturbing observation. Tony is used to cursed social media content though.

If you didn’t know, Tony The Tiger once had a Twitter account which sounds wholesome enough but oh no, things took a turn. Fans of the furry mascot started making horny requests and Tony ran for the hills never to be seen again. If you plan on venturing into Tony’s new Twitch chat, beware.

Featured Image Credit: Kelloggs, Christian Wiediger via Unsplash

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