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The Last Of Us fans already braced for homophobic criticism of episode 7

The Last Of Us fans already braced for homophobic criticism of episode 7

The Last of Us fans are worried that the Ellie and Riley focused episode 'Left Behind' will be targeted by homophobes.

The Last of Us' latest episode ‘Kin’ certainly ended on a cliffhanger, well, for the uninitiated at least. I’ve been watching the show with people who are unfamiliar with the game and seeing their reactions each week has been an utter joy in and of itself.

Many fans praised Pedro Pascal for his incredible portrayal of Joel’s PTSD. It’s something that’s not really explored in the game, except for a small bottle of anti-anxiety medication on his bedside table in the prologue. ‘Kin’ also made major leaps in setting up season two. Ellie was introduced to her future horse Shimmer, plus fans are convinced that the girl lurking in the canteen was Dina. The next episode is titled ‘Left Behind’ and if you are familiar with Naughty Dog’s games, you’ll know exactly what’s next in store.

Take a look at the promo for ‘Left Behind’ below.

‘Left Behind’ is clearly titled after the DLC of the same name which explores Ellie’s backstory. Warning: Spoilers for the Left Behind DLC lie ahead. The story recounts how Ellie was bitten but it also charts her relationship with her best friend Riley. I say best friend, Ellie and Riley quickly discover that their feelings extend beyond friendship. It’s a fan-favourite part of the overall The Last of Us story and many are excited to see the tale brought to life.

Fans are bracing themselves though. Despite being the most critically-acclaimed episode, ‘Long Long Time’ was review-bombed by idiots for its ‘political propaganda,’ which is complete and utter nonsense. Now, fans are worried the haters will return after they find out in ‘Left Behind’ that Ellie too is gay. One Reddit user wrote, “There are a lot of people about to stumble upon the worst kept secret in video game history,” referring to the fact.

DeannaBeeee added, “Can’t wait for the ‘woke agenda’ comments with Ellie kisses Riley,” with a large dose of sarcasm. Mehdigeek sighed, “People are gonna be so mad,” while PaddlingDingo summed up what most of us are thinking: “I am so excited for this episode.” Bring it on.

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