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This Strange Controller Is Designed To Replace Your Mouse And Keyboard

This Strange Controller Is Designed To Replace Your Mouse And Keyboard

This new controller aims to completely innovate the traditional keyboard and mouse setup, and it sure looks interesting.

Have you ever been playing a game on your PC, when you were struck with the thought: ‘wow, it sure is complicated using a mouse and keyboard - I’d much rather be able to play using just one hand with some bizarre new device no one has ever heard of’? A common thought, I’m sure. Well, have I got the contraption for you.

Say hello to the Alt Motion Controller, a new invention from the former Razer designer, Edward Larkin (the same guy who created the mouse bungee). The controller, which is being produced by PLA Labs, describes itself as “the ultimate analog, multi-function, universal gaming controller for next gen gamers”, which is a pretty bold claim. 

There are loads of ways that PC setups can be innovated, both for practical reasons, or just to make them look cool. Check out the video below for some of the coolest examples.

The controller consists of three different joysticks, and each directional input can be mapped to over 100 different commands - the idea is that you can use it alongside your regular mouse. The central joystick is also surrounded with a steering wheel, so when you’re playing any racing games, you can get truly immersed with a wheel the size of your finger. Just like real life!

In the video below, you can see the controller in action in a demonstration of DOOM (2016). Even when it’s just for showing off controllers, DOOM is aways the go-to game, huh? Anyway, to be fair, it does seem to work really well, although admittedly it makes my head hurt a bit to imagine relearning all the possible keyboard commands with this thing. As reported by PCGamesN though, the creator claims that a complete novice could master using it within about 15-20 hours, which isn’t unreasonable.

Doom Controller Demo from Edward Larkin on Vimeo.

If you’re interested in grabbing one of these things for yourself, you can - just not immediately. Pre-orders will begin in March for a pretty eye-watering $250, although you can score a $100 discount for signing up to their mailing list. I think I’ll just stick to my keyboard, thanks.

Featured Image Credit: Sony, PLC Labs, Christopher Farrugia via Unsplash

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