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This Is What The Future Of Star Wars Looks Like, According To Jon Favreau

This Is What The Future Of Star Wars Looks Like, According To Jon Favreau

"We do meet together and we do plan on where the throw of it is going."

Disney’s Jon Favreau is a man of many talents. Actor, director, producer and more, the man is often credited as one of the driving forces behind Marvel’s global cinematic stronghold. So much so, that he has also been drafted onto Star Wars projects such as Solo: A Star Wars Story and most recently The Mandalorian, where his work alongside Dave Feloni has received critical acclaim from both the media and fans. Fair to say then, that the guy just gets these fandoms.

Earlier this year, it was confirmed that there is a ten year plan behind the scenes at Marvel. President of Marvel Studios Kevin Feige has been beavering away to set the timeline for the franchise until 2032 at least. So the question is, what does the future of Star Wars look like, and are there similar steps being taken?

At the recent Star Wars Celebration held in Anaheim, California, GAMINGbible was able to ask the producer, director and actor exactly that - what is the future of the galaxy far, far away?

With Obi-Wan Kenobi currently streaming on Disney+, Star Wars: Andor coming later this year, The Mandalorian season 3 airing early next year and Ahsoka shooting right now - and that’s not even to mention the two movies being directed by Taika Waititi and Patty Jenkins - there’s no slow down in the content, but there does seem to be a cohesive strategy, as Favreau explains.

“From having been at Marvel also, I think that plans are important to have, but so much is learned as the stories are actually told, because there’s so much discovery when you’re actually taking it from script to screen. I’m in the editing process for the next season of The Mandalorian - things that I’ve written, I’ve learned more about the characters and so those things actually evolve and change and the editing room is your last rewrite. So yes, there is a big plan, but I also know that part of that plan is just having a lighthouse that you’re aiming for. You have to navigate the seas between here and there. Also remember that I have partners who are filmmakers that are writing their own script, so if what John Watts is doing for Skeleton Crew and what Dave Filoni has written for Ahsoka is happening in the same time period as what I’m doing, all those things affect one another but we do meet together and we do plan on where the throw of it is going. We’re all aiming at the same lighthouse together.”

He certainly has a point when you consider the sheer amount of Star Wars content coming our way in the next few years. It’s so vitally important to weave all these threads together to make that rich tapestry of Star Wars goodness. Fans can rest assured that Favreau and his contemporaries have the future firmly in their headlights and if the execution of Marvel properties are anything to go by, the future is looking exceedingly bright for Star Wars.

Featured Image Credit: GAMINGbible, Disney

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