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This Gaming Bed Is The Ultimate Setup For "Depraved Gamers"

This Gaming Bed Is The Ultimate Setup For "Depraved Gamers"

I mean, we don't need it, but we very much want it.

Gamers tend to not agree on very much. There are those heated discussions over which is the best console, essays written on what is and isn’t a real game, and even which is the best in each particular genre. There is one thing we all agree on though. That gaming is a super fun use of our time.

A gaming furniture company in Japan has stepped in to give gamers exactly what they want. A setup so spectacular that you can now eat, breathe, and sleep video games. Yes, this setup includes not only a three-monitor layout, mini fridge and microwave, but they’ve gone so far as to integrate an electric bed so you only ever have to leave to pee.

If you want to experience an amazing gaming setup that doesn’t take over your whole life, then check out this gaming bar in our video below.

As spotted by PC Gamer, Bauhutte has a wide range of luxury gaming setups on its website. However, as the company themselves note this one they’ve concocted is the most depraved of all. As translated by GAMINGbible, it claims that “This bed is the foundation for living a highly corrupted lifestyle.”

“We wanted to create the ultimate gaming bed, where games were integrated into everyday life, even while sleeping. This forbidden gaming layout was created for depraved gamers such as this.”

Having lived in tiny Japanese apartments for around a decade, it’s easy to see the appeal of this “forbidden” layout. Life for most single people in Japan revolves around one room apartments, where the TV, computer and fridge are often all within reach of the bed. This setup takes things to a whole new level though, where you don’t even have to sit up yourself. 

Living a life of depravity doesn’t come cheap. Each piece is sold separately, and costs at least ₤100. We won’t be buying this forbidden gaming setup quite yet, but it has definitely given us some food for thought. 

Featured Image Credit: Bauhutte

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