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The Witcher: Old World is an epic RPG you can check out now

The Witcher: Old World is an epic RPG you can check out now

There's hours of fun to be had with friends here

CD Projekt RED has finally wrapped on its post-launch support of Cyberpunk 2077 which means, yes, it’s now full steam ahead on the next instalment in The Witcher series.

Colloquially, it’s being referred to as The Witcher 4 but that’s not a confirmed title.

In fact, CD Projekt RED is quite adamant that it’s not The Witcher 4, given that this upcoming title will kickstart a brand new trilogy in the saga likely featuring a new protagonist.

Whether that’s a familiar face like Ciri or someone totally new, we don’t yet know.

All we know for certain is that the project now has around 400 developers working on it, which is around 64% of the studio’s workforce.

It goes without saying though that it’s likely going to be several years until The Witcher 4 releases but there are plenty of ways for you to get a Witcher fix in the meantime.

You might want to check out the upcoming The Witcher: The Edge of the World comic book or the subject of today’s article, The Witcher: Old World.

The Witcher: Old World is a stunning tabletop RPG that you can enjoy right now.

The Witcher 3’s new-gen update is a visual delight. It’s well worth checking out if you haven’t already.

The Witcher: Old World can be enjoyed by up to five players, with each game lasting between 90 and 150 minutes - perfect for a weekend game night with friends.

Much like you do in the video game series, you’ll assume the role of a Witcher, exploring the Continent, engaging in various combat encounters and making difficult narrative decisions.

It’s somewhat of a deckbuilder so you’ll want to stay focused on expanding your range of abilities and attacks and if you ever tire of the base game, you can overhaul the experience with three lengthy expansions.

There’s the Legendary Hunt expansion, which adds seven new bosses, the Skellige Hunt, which adds three new locations, and the Mages expansion, which adds five new wizards into the mix.

You can currently grab The Witcher: Old World’s standard version over on Amazon UK for just £61.36 - cheaper than the cost of a new AAA video game.

Given the endless fun you have with a tabletop adventure like Old World, I’d say this is a great price.

Featured Image Credit: CD Projekt RED

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