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The Witcher 4 update teases release date, is closer than we'd hoped

The Witcher 4 update teases release date, is closer than we'd hoped

The Witcher 4 is coming along nicely it seems

CD Projekt Red is moving people around their development teams to better prepare themselves for starting work on The Witcher 4.

The game, currently codenamed ‘Polaris’, has over 400 members of staff dedicated to its development and it’s expected full production will commence in the latter half of 2024.

The Witcher 3 has remained popular over the years with fans invested hundreds of hours into several playthroughs.

The Witcher 3 was first released in 2015 to acclaim from every part of the video game sphere. Critics loved it, fans probably loved it even more. It was a huge hit for the Polish studio.

Now, they aim to strike gold again with its sequel, news of which is hard to pin down. So, it’s exciting to know that the bulk of the developers at CD Projekt Red have moved over to the project and are gearing up for production.

The studio revealed that 64% of its workforce is on board for Polaris, which equates to around 407 people in total.

This is great news, even though the game is likely a few years out from completion. The Witcher 4 will apparently be an ‘evolved’ take on the world already established and its likely the new story won’t follow Geralt in his adventures, taking on a new protagonist.

Fans are already hard at work speculating on what we’ll see from the new title, guessing that perhaps Ciri will take on the main role leaving Geralt as more of a mentor figure. But honestly, it’s anyone’s guess right now.

CD Projekt Red hasn’t given any indication of a release window for the game, but it’s highly likely we won’t see it until the next generation of consoles are with us. Though that doesn’t mean the game is far off.

Given the large workforce and the tools at the developer’s disposal, The Witcher 4 could be with us within three or four years.

Featured Image Credit: CD Projekt Red

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