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The Witcher 3 player discovers 'impossible' hidden underground area after 9 years

The Witcher 3 player discovers 'impossible' hidden underground area after 9 years

Hidden away from prying eyes

The Witcher 3 is a pretty big game with too many quests and secrets to track, and one particular secret is so hidden away that you’ll never find it without a clever trick.

CD Projekt Red is known for hiding away little easter eggs for players to find as they explore these enormous worlds. However, this secret detail is one nobody would find without some help as it’s branded impossible to find.

The Witcher 3 is renowned for it's superb questlines and terrific cast of characters

A couple of weeks ago a YouTuber who specialises in finding secrets and exploring cut content from games discovered this hidden gem in The Witcher 3. The secret is hidden in Novigrad, south of St. Gregory’s Bridge.

There’s a nook near the bathhouse and we can see from the video that the player has taken Geralt into the glitchy boundaries between the playable map and the void beyond it. This void exists between the hills and the city walls.

As Geralt navigates down this impossible alleyway we can see a sign painted onto the cobbled wall that is a spoof of the World War II posters claiming ‘your army needs you’.

It shows a Timerian soldier pointing toward the viewer with a message underneath that reads “CDPR needs you!”

It’s hard to know why CDPR placed this mural in such an impossible place to reach. Was it an inside joke from the artists? Or, was it a recruitment tool?

It could very well be the latter; a way to get those bedroom coders and dataminers to spot the mural and urge them to get in touch with the developer with a view to recruit.

Or, it could just be another CDPR gag hidden away for exactly this moment. Could this be the final secret to be found in The Witcher 3? As long as YouTubers and streamers keep looking, there might be more to see.

Featured Image Credit: CD Projekt Red

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