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The Witcher 3 fans horrified by life-sized Triss sex doll

The Witcher 3 fans horrified by life-sized Triss sex doll

The Witcher 3 fans horrified by life-sized Triss sex doll

I am not one to judge a horny gamer but one website has gone above and beyond by creating life-size sex dolls based on some of our favourite video game characters.

Adult site Game Lady Dolls has recently come under scrutiny for its life-size anatomically correct sex dolls that retail at around $3,000. More specifically, its dive into The Witcher 3 universe with its model inspired by sorceress Triss Merigold.

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It wasn’t long before the sex doll began circling The Witcher 3 subreddits with fans torn between being disgusted and mildly curious. “You know, besides the sex doll portion. They look like they would be nice life sized figures or um... statues to display like people do with Star Wars armors and such,” read one comment.

As I’ve mentioned, there is no judgement from me. However, Game Lady Dolls does not appear to be the most law-abiding and morally correct website with many of their sex dolls being based on underage anime characters such as 14-year old Rei Ayanami from Neon Genesis Evangelion. Additionally, customers can also purchase dolls inspired by Death Stranding’s Mama which of course have a strong resemblance to actor Margaret Qualley. This is a problem as we doubt Qualley herself was asked permission.

A picture of the fully-clothed Triss sex doll has begun circulating the web again and with the models being fully customisable, we can only imagine how realistic they will be. “I'm a believer that we shouldn't judge people for what they do behind closed doors (as long as it doesn't hurt anyone else)”, wrote another viewer. “However... I struggle to imagine how someone could actually enjoy something like this.”

With the site featuring a variety of sex dolls (albeit all female), you are bound to run into some of your favourites if you were so inclined to look. The German digital store has been trading since 2022 and despite offering worldwide shipping, will not ship to “countries that have strict laws regarding our products”.

Featured Image Credit: CD Projekt

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