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The Order 1886 is 'one of the most underrated games ever made', PlayStation fans agree

The Order 1886 is 'one of the most underrated games ever made', PlayStation fans agree

PlayStation fans agree that The Order 1886 is 'one of the most underrated games ever made'.

There are so many underrated gems that fly under the radar, or perhaps just didn’t capture their opportunity to shine straight away.

Take Days Gone for example. The game released to mixed to positive reviews and easily matched the sales of Ghost of Tsushima. While the latter is considered a colossal success though, Days Gone’s future was quickly squandered by PlayStation - perhaps because it lived in The Last of Us’ shadow. In recent months though, the game has underseen a major resurgence with many players discovering it through PlayStation Plus. With those mixed reviews a distant memory, players are re-entering with a fresher perspective. It’s a similar situation for The Order 1886 which after years of little attention is being hailed by players as ‘one of the most underrated games ever made’.

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Developed by Ready At Dawn, The Order 1886 is a third-person action adventure released back in 2015. Set in a Steampunk-inspired London, the game centres around the Knights of the Round Table as they protect the government from supernatural threats including vampires and werewolves. Admittedly, The Order 1886 is a tad short, which is perhaps why it quickly faded into oblivion. That being said, it’s still a great dose of fun and is the perfect quick game to while away a weekend.

Reddit user OU812fr kicked off the conversation writing, “I played this back when it came out and now again on PS5, but seriously - how does this game still look so good? Everyone at Ready at Dawn should be commended. I don’t think another game since has matched the look of this. The film grain, depth of field, lens scratches, soft focus… This game has a cinematic, filmic look that has never been duplicated and looks simply amazing.”

User tigertron1990 said, “One of the most underrated games ever made. I just wish it was longer though,” while pgpwnd added, “It looks better than any PS5 game.” Coin-Drop noted, “I freaking loved this game. Wish it had gotten a sequel like originally planned.” Sadly, that sequel never came - and I agree, there’s room for improvement but a sequel could've been truly magnificent.

Featured Image Credit: Sony Computer Entertainment

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