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The Last Of Us fans beg 'weirdos' to stop shipping Joel and Ellie

The Last Of Us fans beg 'weirdos' to stop shipping Joel and Ellie

Fans of The Last of Us are up in arms over the fact that some viewers have been romantically shipping Joel and Ellie.

Take any fandom you want, and there’s always going to be shipping in it. People love to pair characters together whether they’re actually an item in the source material or not, and create headcanons, fan fiction and art. Generally speaking, it’s just a bit of fun.

However, there are some golden rules that shouldn’t be broken. Mainly, don’t ship parents and their children. I shouldn’t need to tell you why, on multiple levels, this would be a very gross thing to do. As Dexerto reports, The Last of Us fanbase is currently up in arms over the fact that some viewers have been shipping Joel and Ellie after watching the TV adaptation.

Take a look at the trailer for The Last of Us below.

Joel isn’t Ellie’s father, but he still acts like a father figure to her, and more importantly, is a full-grown man. In the show (and the first game), Ellie is just 14 years old. Clearly, it would be very wrong for the two to be paired, as fans have been expressing.

“Why are some of y’all shipping Joel and Ellie? Us gamers can’t have anything be adapted without weirdos ruining it,” tweeted @Stariizard. “Genuinely love Joel and Ellie as a father/daughter pair, Joellie shippers y’all are freaks and need help,” wrote @zzzdaemyra. “This is definitely an instance where it doesn’t matter that the characters are fictional… please seek help I’m [for real],” said @elliestricep.

In brighter news, fans don’t have as long to wait for the next episode of The Last of Us as usual. Episode five will air on HBO Max on Friday 10 February, due to its usual Sunday slot clashing with the Super Bowl. I’m definitely not the only one anxious to see what happens next, so this is a change that surely will be well received by all.

The previous four episodes are available to stream on demand.

Featured Image Credit: HBO

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