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The Last Of Us fans say Bella Ramsey's Ellie just keeps getting better

The Last Of Us fans say Bella Ramsey's Ellie just keeps getting better

The Last of Us fans are praising Bella Ramsey's performance as Ellie in episode four of HBO's adaptation.

Episode four of HBO’s The Last of Us has arrived and it’s another stellar instalment. What’s also exciting is that you don’t even need to wait a week to see the next episode. In fact, it’ll air in just a few days.

To avoid a clash with the superbowl, episode five will air on Friday this week in the US and Saturday here in the UK. Let’s get back to episode four though. The latest leg of Joel and Ellie’s journey teased the imminent arrival of a new type of Infected, plus we saw a very different side to Joel. After last week’s triumphant departure, we’re tackling more familiar territory here including the game’s memorable Hunters. One thing fans cannot stop talking about is just how good Bella Ramsey continues to be as Ellie.

The Last of Us Part I releases on PC on 28 March. Check out the remake compared to the original game.

As Joel and Ellie’s relationship blossoms, we’re getting to see a brand new side of Ellie. Ellie has always been humorous but her sarcasm is slowly being replaced with a light-hearted joviality. Reddit user criterioncollect remarked, “The further we continue on, the more and more I’m enjoying [Bella] as Ellie. She really encapsulates her general attitude and personality while also making it her own. I’m most excited to continue watching her the remainder of the season and seeing how much better she gets as she goes along and deals with the more dramatic moments as Ellie. But she truly has the playful, joyful, light-in-the-dark personality down.”

Plenty agreed. User missjthrwaway wrote, “She’s killing it. ‘You laughed motherf**ker’ was such gold,” while nanketo added, “I think her dorky, awkward teen version of Ellie is super endearing and actually pretty refreshing. I think a lot of modern media tend to write teenagers as school-aged adults with a lot of icky, over-confident, and uncharacteristic behaviours for their age group. It’s cool to see a kid still being a kid, despite the world she’s living in.” I quite agree.

Last week, our hearts were filled with love for the Bill and Frank strawberry giggle scene. Now, we have Joel giggling at Ellie’s silly puns. The Last of Us is the gift that keeps on giving.

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