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'The Last Of Us' Remake Is Coming Way Sooner Than Expected

'The Last Of Us' Remake Is Coming Way Sooner Than Expected

We're still awaiting official confirmation from Naughty Dog but the long-rumoured remake of The Last of Us is set to be released very soon.

It’s been two years since The Last of Us Part II released, and we have no idea what Naughty Dog have been working on since. Well, officially anyway. They sure are secretive over there at the kennel, but the rumour mill has been a busy ol’ place as of late.

It’s heavily suspected that Naughty Dog are working on a Factions inspired full multiplayer title, but the more pressing rumour regards the upcoming release of a potential remake of The Last of Us. It’s undeniably a remake that’s splitting opinions, but regardless of whether you want it or not, it appears to be coming - and much sooner than we originally thought.

We think The Last of Us has one of the best video game openings of all time. Take a look at our other favourites below.

Despite the fact that we’re still awaiting official confirmation, The Last of Us remake is apparently set to launch on PlayStation 5 this winter, according to one reputable leaker. Appearing on the Kinda Funny Gamescast, VentureBeat reporter Jeff Grubb confirmed that multiple sources have told him “The Last of Us remake, [is coming] this holiday, yes.”

It’s definitely not the first time that we’ve heard this. PlayStation Visual Arts animator Robert Morrison previously teased that Sony had “some bangers coming out this year,” including a project he’d secretly been working on for three to five years. After ruling out God of War: Ragnarok, people quickly assumed that Morrison was referencing a remake of The Last of Us.

Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier has also previously spoken out on the project, claiming that the remake will get the highly realistic art style and cinematic direction of The Last of Us Part II. Fans have also unearthed Naughty Dog dev LinkedIn profiles that mention an unannounced remake.

I usually suggest taking all rumours with a pinch of salt, but given the sheer volume of hints and rumours at this point, we wouldn't bet against this being legit.

Of course plenty of people have also called into question whether we even need a remake of The Last of Us. "Need" is debatable, obviously. But want? It depends who you ask. For a stan like me, I’m all for it.

The Last of Us is a near-perfect game, but add Part II’s improved gameplay mechanics and cinematic direction and *chef’s kiss*. And hey, If you’re against that, the original isn’t going anywhere.

Featured Image Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment

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