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The Last of Us: Pedro Pascal addresses Joel's fate in season 2

The Last of Us: Pedro Pascal addresses Joel's fate in season 2

Pedro Pascal has opened up about Joel's fate in season two of The Last of Us on HBO.

It’s been a rollercoaster of a year for The Last of Us fans. From the dizzying heights of HBO’s epic TV adaptation to the unfortunate lows of The Last of Us Part I’s abysmal PC port.

Many hailed HBO’s The Last of Us as the greatest video game adaptation of all time, so I guess we were due something a tad more humbling. As I’m sure you’re aware, The Last of Us Part I was released in a bug-ridden state. It was then suspected that we may get a glimpse at the upcoming TLOU multiplayer project, but that project has seemingly been canned following an external review by fellow studio Bungie. Clearly, fans are wondering where their next TLOU fix is now coming from. We know Naughty Dog are working on a single-player experience, although there’s no word on what that is. The game’s 10 year anniversary also recently passed by with very little fanfare. We do have a new tidbit from Pedro Pascal though in reference to season two of the HBO series.

PlayStation’s next major exclusive is Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. Take a look at the game in action below.

Warning: If you haven’t played The Last of Us Part II, you’re going to want to look away now because I’ll be addressing major spoilers that will also prove to be major spoilers for season two of the TV series. Okay? We’re safe to proceed.

With that out of the way, those who have played Part II will know that Joel meets a rather grisly end early on in the story, kickstarting the next leg of Ellie’s journey. In a new interview with Variety, Pascal offered up his thoughts on Joel’s fate and how accurate he thinks the show will be to the source material.

“I think Part II has more leeway. I think it seemed to me, as far as the people that I talked to, that it's a different immersive experience,” he said. “While there are things that have to happen for the central narrative to occur, it seems like it's a little bit more open. So, that means I don't fu**ing know how they're going to do it. [...] Maybe they're gonna do it, maybe they're not gonna do it."

We know the scripts haven’t been written due to the ongoing WGA strike. I’d imagine that Joel will meet his end but in terms of the show being a ‘little bit more open’, we could perhaps see further Joel flashbacks? It would be great to see more Pedro.

Featured Image Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment, HBO

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