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The Last Of Us goes open-world in massive new zombie RPG

The Last Of Us goes open-world in massive new zombie RPG

The Last Of Us goes open-world in massive new zombie RPG

Fans of The Last of Us and the post-apocalyptic genre should keep their eyes on NAKWON: LAST PARADISE, a third person stealth survival game from MINTROCKET, the creators behind Dave the Diver.

Originally titled Project: Nakwon, NAKWON: LAST PARADISE is the next big up and coming zombie survival game that tasks players with keeping to the shadows rather than going out all gun's blazing. Using shadows, distractions and silent weapons to your advantage, you must take down the zombies that have overrun PvPvE city. Set in a world where zombies and survivors must coexist, it is up to you to survive in the new societal structure.

Check out the NAKWON: LAST PARADISE teaser trailer below!

"Seoul, the city of scarce guns and plentiful hiding spots within its clustered buildings and alleys. Survive as an ordinary human, relying solely on your senses and keeping yourself safe from Zombies,” reads the official synopsis. “You must infiltrate the city full of Zombies (AI) and other Survivors (Players) to collect useful items and sell them or make money by completing missions. Be cautious, as you'll lose everything you have once you die. Zombies are drawn to sounds, and upon spotting human beings, they chase after them. Cover yourselves and move in silence. Lure zombies, disrupt their attention, and run away."

In a world where human greed has led to no rules or laws, human beings are people you cannot trust, and your survival will depend on being top dog. With each day unfolding within the Safety Zone, you must decide how you will tackle that, whether it’s scavenging for food or making some money for rent and better equipment. You must also keep an eye on your Citizen Grade which determines your privileges and access to more features.

NAKWON: LAST PARADISE is yet to have a release date but hopefully it will arrive to PC in the near future. This is one that The Last of Us fans do not want to miss out on.

Featured Image Credit: MINTROCKET

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