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The Last Of Us fans can't stop thirsting over Pedro Pascal as 'daddy' Joel

The Last Of Us fans can't stop thirsting over Pedro Pascal as 'daddy' Joel

It's happening again.

HBO's The Last of Us is out now and it looks like it has been well worth the wait. In our own (spoiler free) review, we said that the show "elevates the story to soaring new heights" with changes to the original game that will excite fans. One thing that is staying the same though is the Joel's attractiveness and now a new audience are head over heels.

It's difficult to deny already, and with Pedro Pascal portraying the hardened survivor, fans are crumbling like a skyscraper 20 years into an apocalypse. However, HBO's Joel isn't a carbon copy of the character, choosing instead to exude a certain softness to his physicality and personality. "We were less looking for someone who could play a tough guy - because in some ways, that’s the easier part - and more someone that could show there’s a tortured soul inside of it," said Neil Druckmann, creator of The Last of Us, in an interview.

Check out the latest trailer for the rest of the show beyond the events of the first episode:

Pascal has already embraced elements of the "daddy" persona that fans have ascribed to him thanks to his stint in The Mandalorian. He's not that keen on the "zaddy" descriptor, worried that he's much too young to have graduated to that level. All that being said, the The Last of Us audience is on board with his "daddy" Joel look - grey hair, survivalist style and soft-spoken:

For those in the UK, The Last of Us premieres this evening on Now TV.

Featured Image Credit: HBO

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