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HBO's The Last Of Us still 'doesn't compare' to the original, fans argue

HBO's The Last Of Us still 'doesn't compare' to the original, fans argue

Now that The Last of Us' first season is over, many fans believe that the game remains superior to the adaptation.

Now that we’ve all had a moment to process the first season of The Last of Us, the real discussions are finally kicking off. For those who’ve been fans since the first game initially released, you’re probably feeling some serious déjà vu from the debates going on surrounding Joel’s actions in the finale. It’s kind of like we’ve all stepped back in time to 2013, except thankfully, ‘What Does the Fox Say?’ isn’t in the charts.

Joel morality debate aside, fans are now able to compare the entire season to its source material, and over on Reddit, many are of the view that the game is the better version of the two. Posted on the r/thelastofus subreddit, RowanRoanoke wrote: “Show is good, but just does not compare to the original [in my opinion].”

If you’ve not played The Last of Us yet, the remake is coming to PC later this month - take a look below.

“I agree. The game did everything better for me,” Skarleendel agreed. “The show sometimes spent so much unnecessary time on some characters instead of focusing on Ellie's and Joel's relationship. I felt their relationship was rushed. Show is still good, I am not denying that.”

Others are of the same mindset: “Agree, the game is a 10/10 and the show is a 9/10 for me. Both had things that were done better than the other medium, like episode six [in my opinion] far clears its game counterpart, while I think the ending is better executed in the game pace wise,” wrote BeanbagRL. “Totally. Show needed a couple more episodes for the season, really. It just felt like it was trying to so closely follow the game, but we missed all the dialogue, character interactions, and action that the game had between the major plot points. Having experienced both, the show was good, but really felt like something was missing,” added Iam_Joe.

However, others aren’t so sure: “Half agree, half disagree. I really enjoyed the new layers they added to some of the characters and to the story overall. It compliments the story from the game so well,” Viola-Intermediate wrote. “I do think some of the most iconic scenes lost their lustre, and I'm unsure if it would be different if I had only seen the show and wasn't trying to compare it to the game, where sometimes the context is different. A few more infected fight scenes would be great, though.”

Regardless of which version of the story is your favourite, we can all agree that they’re both brilliant, right? Bring on season two.

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