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The Last Of Us blooper reel is a heartwarming break from the misery

The Last Of Us blooper reel is a heartwarming break from the misery

These outtakes from behind the scenes of The Last of Us are a heartwarming break from the misery of the show.

When it comes to HBO’s The Last of Us, it doesn’t get much more wholesome than Bill and Frank giggling over a couple of strawberries. It’s a scene that fills my heart with joy but there are plenty more scenes in The Last of Us that have quite the opposite effect.

It may seem obvious but I will be addressing season one spoilers ahead. Where do I even begin? We kicked off the season with the heartbreaking death of Sarah, and then came Tess’ sad yet controversial ‘kiss of death’. Bill and Frank may have found their happy ending, but I still bawled - and two episodes later, it was time to say goodbye to Sam and Henry. Riley was the next to kick the bucket, before Anna tore our hearts out in the final episode. That was a lot to relive but today, I bring you a joyous break from the misery. The Last of Us bloopers have arrived.

The Last of Us Part I lands on PC on March 28. Take a look at the game in action below.

We don’t have a full ‘official’ reel yet - HBO, you know what to do - but members of the cast are dishing out some top-notch behind the scenes content. Over on Instagram, Pedro Pascal shared a clip of himself and Bella Ramsey filming the final scene outside of Jackson. Mid-sentence, Pedro bursts out laughing and all I could think was ‘Aw, happy Joel’. Take a look at the clip in the post below.

In case you missed it, Laura Bailey cameoed in the season finale as one of the operating theatre nurses. In Naughty Dog’s video game series, Laura portrays Abby which makes a photo she sent to franchise creator Neil Druckmann all the more funny. I won’t provide context so as not to spoil Part II but if you’ve played that game, you’ll know exactly what’s going on here.

I’m also a big fan of Ashley Johnson tagging her baby bump as Bella Ramsey on Instagram, plus Marlene actress Merle Dandridge posted photos of an intimidating on-set encounter with episode five’s bloater. Existing in the world of The Last of Us may be perilous, but making the show looks like heaps of fun.

Featured Image Credit: Merle Dandridge via Twitter, Pedro Pascal via Instagram

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