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The Elder Scrolls 6 fans stunned by new trailer for fantasy RPG

The Elder Scrolls 6 fans stunned by new trailer for fantasy RPG

This alchemy-inspired RPG isn't one to miss

There’s always room for another epic fantasy RPG and this upcoming title combines enough elements to remind fans of the upcoming The Elder Scrolls 6.

Set in a murky medieval world, Alkahest is an upcoming action-adventure RPG “where satisfying melee combat with highly interactive environments take center stage”.

Check out the official trailer for Alkahest below!

Developed by Push On, Alkahest is inspired by titles such as Dishonoured and Dark Messiah of Might and Magic but will be the perfect fantasy title for those waiting for The Elder Scrolls 6.

In Alkahest, you will take on the role of a petty lord’s son and you are no hero. However, if you wish to make a name for yourself, you will have to prove your worth and investigating unusual goblin raids may be the big break you have been searching for.

Explore forests, castles and villages, meeting its residents and making big decisions as you go but rest assured, combat will never be far away.

Using your environments to aid you, you can drop trees on your enemies, kick them off cliffs and set them on fire and with fast-paced closed combat, you will have plenty of advantages to help you.

As the title suggests, Alkahest will rely on alchemy instead of magic and with the ability to mix potions, you can craft deadly poisons, throwables and weapon oils. You can even plant your creations in NPC’s pockets or drink it yourself to see what happens.

“We are players ourselves and believe in quality over quantity. So a big no to a bloated map and dull filler quests,” the official Steam page reads.

Alkahest is available to add to your wish list now and will release on PC some time in the future.

Featured Image Credit: Push On

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