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The Division: Project Resolve officially announced by Ubisoft

The Division: Project Resolve officially announced by Ubisoft

The announcement has happened

Fans of The Division 2 can rejoice as Ubisoft has now officially announced Project Resolve, an update to the game that will bring several quality-of-life updates.

If you are still playing Tom Clancy’s The Division 2, Project Resolve aims to enhance the player experience and bring a wealth of updates. The game has been steadily supported since it was released in 2019 and has seen plenty of players come and go.

The Division 2 is still massively popular and receiving regular updates

PC players can test the update on the Public Test Server from 14 December but the launch date to patch the game for all players is 6 February 2024. The update will include thousands of bug fixes and small tweaks, but the core of the patch features improvements to PvP and balances many aspects of the PvE.

Ubisoft is implementing a 2.5-month schedule which begins with the PTS test now and moves through different phases. The first phase introduces “quality of life updates, bug fixes, balancing, and PvP improvements.” The second phase, starting 19 January will implement changes based on player's feedback from the first phase, while also introducing “Year 5, Season 3 gear, weapons, and talents.’

Phase three starts 6 February alongside the launch of Season 3: Vanguard. In this phase, Project Resolve will be deployed and run alongside the new season. The final phase is summed up as “continued support” and features “continued game improvements and balancing” along with “improved analytics and anti-cheat detection.”

With the schedule in place, it seems players are happy to see a renewed focus on The Division 2 with a focus on the future of the game. The game has seen many positive reviews on Steam and across consoles and has become one of the shining lights in the live service sector, a feature of video games that has begun to slump over the last year.

Featured Image Credit: Ubisoft

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