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'The Boys' Creator Encourages Misogynistic Fans To "Eat A Bag Of Dicks"

'The Boys' Creator Encourages Misogynistic Fans To "Eat A Bag Of Dicks"

Eric Kripke has told fans to "eat a bag of dicks," after some directed misogynistic hate towards Starlight actress Erin Moriarty.

Amazon has wasted no time in getting to work on season four of The Boys. We’ve already got a glimpse at Homelander and Butcher back in action, plus a The Walking Dead fan-favourite cast member is set to be joining the cast. This week though, Starlight actress Erin Moriarty opened up about the gender discrimination she’s faced from fans prompting an outpouring of support from her co-stars. To add to this, The Boys’ creator has now offered his own message to fans.

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Showrunner Eric Kripke has told fans to “eat a bag of dicks,” condemning the hate that Moriarty previously described as leaving her feeling “dehumanised” and “paralysed.” Kripke took to Twitter to write, “Hi trolls! One, this is literally the opposite of the show’s f**king message. Two, you’re causing pain to real people with real feelings.”

“Be kind. If you can’t be kind, then eat a bag of dicks, f**k off to the sun and don’t watch The Boys, we don’t want you,” he continued. Following the post made by Moriarty, #IStandWithStarlight began trending on Twitter as fans also pledged their support.

Hate speech in the television industry has been abhorrently rife this week. House of the Dragon’s Steve Toussaint and The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power’s Ismael Cruz Córdova both spoke out about the racist abuse they’ve recently faced, rallying the support of their co-stars and fans alike.

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