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The Batman sequel has survived DC's massive movie purge

The Batman sequel has survived DC's massive movie purge

Fans of The Batman can relax as the highly anticipated sequel and spinoff series, The Penguin, are still headed to screens in the future.

It’s a rather turbulent time to be a DC fan right now. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Wonder Woman 3 will no longer be happening - it’s apparently “considered dead in its current incarnation”, and the plans submitted to James Gunn and DC Studios CEO Peter Safran were rejected since they didn’t fit in with their plans for the DCEU.

Not only that, but it’s also claimed that following the release of Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, Jason Momoa will be stepping down as Aquaman and instead take on a new character in the revamped DCU (not the DCEU). There’s just a whole lot of stuff going on - it’s a bit difficult to keep up.

Meanwhile in the world of DC universe games, Gotham Knights recently released to mixed reviews - check out our verdict in the video below.

Thankfully though, as reported by We Got This Covered, some key projects are safe - namely, Matt Reeves’ The Batman sequel and spinoff series, which, given the success of the first film, is fairly unsurprising. After its release in March, the movie received a tremendous amount of praise and also did incredibly well at the box office. If you’ve not seen it yet, seriously, please do.

Anyway, the sequel is still on the way (although it apparently isn’t expected to release until 2025, so there’s a bit of a wait ahead), as is the HBO spinoff, The Penguin. I for one am very excited that Robert Pattinson will be making his return as Batman - it’d have been a huge shame for the follow-up to get shelved after the first one was so good.

Meanwhile, Margot Robbie recently revealed that she’d love to see Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy's romance make its way to the silver screen: “I have been pushing for that for years. I cannot tell you how hard I've been pushing for that,” she said. Hopefully, we’ll be able to see the pair together in a future DCU movie.

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