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Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League refund search requests have risen by 761%

Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League refund search requests have risen by 761%

Search requests for 'Suicide Squad refund' rise by 761% as Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League's turbulent early access continues.

Despite being out for just one day, Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is off to a turbulent start with search engine requests for 'Suicide Squad refund' rising by a whopping 761%.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is Rocksteady’s latest action shooter game which, as you probably guessed, tells the story of the Suicide Squad gang as they hunt down members of the Justice League. As a spin-off from the Batman: Arkham series, many players had high hopes but despite the game being out for just 24 hours in early access, it has already amassed quite a negative rating.

Check out a Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League preview below!

However, this is perhaps unsurprising considering Kill the Justice League has faced numerous controversies over its life-span which began when Rocksteady revealed that the game would require a constant online connection. As the game got closer to launch and gameplay snippets leaked to the internet, more and more people became unhappy with the game’s contents with IGN itself reporting they “didn’t like it”. As a result, they were reportedly denied review access by Warner Bros.

So, as you can see, Kill the Justice League had experienced a rocky start before it even launched but things would not improve on early access launch day when the game had to be taken down to fix a “devastating bug” which would reward players with 100% completion before they had even taken a step in-game. Then to add insult to injury, even more gameplay leaked and players were… less than happy with the game’s ending.

As a result of all of these hiccups, as reported by Windows Central, Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League launch has led to a 761% increase in searches for 'Suicide Squad refund' according to analytics firm McLuck. However, with the game now back online and seemingly fixed, players may be willing to give it another chance. As a live-service game, the title will receive future updates which will all be free to those who have already purchased the game. Every cloud has a silver lining, right?

Featured Image Credit: Rocksteady

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