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Streamer Attacked By Bat In The Middle Of ‘Rust’ Game

Streamer Attacked By Bat In The Middle Of ‘Rust’ Game

One streamer was joined by a bat during a recent game of Rust, inciting a tense stand off.

Twitch may have an enforced set of guidelines, but it sure does feel like a lawless place sometimes. One streamer was recently banned for seven days after having sex live on camera, albeit semi-shielded out of view. Another creator was pulled over by police during a stream, only to have his chat play fart noises throughout the entire encounter. Now, a streamer has suffered a harsh defeat during a game of Rust. His opponent? A bat.

Take a look at some of our favourite Twitch wins and fails below.

Twitch streamer iRiskpvp was recently enjoying a few hours on Rust when he was suddenly attacked by a bat which, if you ask me, sounds pretty terrifying. The streamer glanced to his side, yelled, and uttered what sounds like, “What the f**k. There’s a bat in my room.” I say ‘sounds like,’ the words fell out in a moment of sheer terror. Take a listen below.

About 20 minutes after the attack, iRiskpvp ventured back into the room which makes him far braver than me. I’d call in back-up. Anyway, the streamer proceeded to grab a blanket and hid underneath - a valiant form of defence. After hiding under the blanket, iRiskpvp managed to trap the bat against the wall using what appeared to be some kind of screening. This begs the question: What now?

It’s a long, confusing affair, but it appears as if the streamer leaves via the window, allowing the bat to fly out? All in all, the plan was so illogical that it’s hard to tell what the plan was. In the end though, the bat was defeated … but at what cost.

Featured Image Credit: iRiskpvp via Twitch, NBC

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