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'Stray' Already Has A Staggering Number Of Players On Steam

'Stray' Already Has A Staggering Number Of Players On Steam

Stray's Steam figures show just how popular Annapurna Interactive's latest title is.

If you’ve been online in the last 24 hours, I’m guessing you may have heard about a new little cat game that’s hopped onto the scene. Duh, I’m talking about Stray. Everyone knows that the internet is obsessed with cats so unsurprisingly, a realistic cat simulator always felt like a guaranteed success. That being said, I don’t think any of us could’ve predicted just how popular Stray would be.

In case you missed it, PlayStation owners can currently grab Stray for free - even without a PlayStation Plus subscription. In our review, Ewan wrote that Stray was “​​stunning, creative, funny, and filled with moments that genuinely made my jaw drop.” I’ve yet to hear a bad word about this game - and the figures certainly back up the praise. Stray has officially broken an impressive Steam record.

Yet to try Stray out? Take a look at the gaming world’s new favourite kitty in action below.

Stray has officially become Annapurna Interactive’s biggest PC launch to date. The title’s official Steam figures confirm that on its first day of release, Stray’s player count peaked at 62,963 which is a big deal for an indie title. That put Stray amongst the top 13 most-played games on Steam that day (Thanks VGC).

Market analyst Benji-Sales noted that Annapurna Interactive’s previous Steam record was held by Twelve Minutes which had a peak concurrent player base of 8,021. This was followed by Outer Wilds at 7,936, Neon White at 3,277 and Journey at 1,757.

Just last week, developers BlueTwelve Studio introduced fans to the game’s three feline stars: Murtaugh, Oscar and Jun. Honestly, I haven’t stopped thinking about the fact that Jun is the studio’s official “executive chief general president commander director officer.” I thought my cat walked around with an air of authority (you should see the side-eye I’m getting right this second) but Jun has got the title to go with it.

The levels of adorableness for this game are already off the charts but what warms the cockles of my heart even more is that Stray’s developers are raising money for homeless cats too. Has a more perfect game ever existed? I think not.

Featured Image Credit: Annapurna Interactive

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