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'Stray' Is Now The Best User-Rated Game Of 2022 On Steam

'Stray' Is Now The Best User-Rated Game Of 2022 On Steam

The universally adored cat game has already strayed to top of 2022.

It was only released on July 19th, but Stray is already the highest rated Steam game of 2022, stealing the crown from the PC port of 2018's God of War. It was already the most played PC launch for publishers Annapurna Interactive - as of July 19th, only 12 games were being played more than Stray. This news, however, is a massive achievement for developer BlueTwelve Studio. On Ratings site Steam250, Stray is ranked higher than Elden Ring, and Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga.

It's impressive that an indie title is beating two of the year's biggest AAA releases, but it's more impressive that it's doing so after just six days. However, it's worth noting that these games have thousands more reviews than Stray, so we'll have to wait until BlueTwelve's feline adventure hits the same amount of reviews for a fair comparison.

Check out the gameplay trailer for Stray showcased in Sony's State of Play earlier this year to get a feel for the game.

The celebration is still valid, though; prior to release, it was the most wished-listed game on the platform. There was always going to be a bit of Stray-fever - the internet loves cats, so a realistic cat simulator was bound to get a few loud purrs on Twitter. Yet nobody expected such a huge success story. Stray is adored by players and critics alike, and is quickly on its way to being the most modded game in history.

It has an average score of 8.61, and 97.7% of Steam reviews recommend it. It's currently 49th on the best of all time list (topped by Portal 2), which isn't bad at all, but it has a bit to do before topping that chart. It's possible though. With a 9/10 review from us and constant chatter on social media, Stray doesn't look to be straying out of sight any time soon.

If we had to guess, this news is the start of many achievements and milestones for this four-legged adventure.

Featured Image Credit: Annapurna Interactive, BlueTwelve Studio

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