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Steam's new free game is a gorgeous blend of Pokémon and Zelda

Steam's new free game is a gorgeous blend of Pokémon and Zelda

Old school RPG with cute critters

There's definitely a sense of Pokemon and Digimon blending together with the cute monsters in this RPG. Each creature has very distinct features and feels original, which is impressive when so many games lean hard into Pokemon as a formula.

'Porbles' are the critters in this one, and like so many creature collection titles they can be battled against each other, though in Portal Fantasy it has more of a traditional JRPG direction.

Pokemon has become a genre in its own right with so many creature collection games out there

According to the Steam page for Portal Fantasy, players will "Step into Portal Fantasy, a creature capturing RPG where you can create worlds for others to explore. Explore realms, nab Porbles, and solve thrilling quests as a Hero."

The trailer has a gorgeous combination of Pokemon-style battles and some lush animated cutscenes that go quite far with world-building, creating a proper sense of adventure in the face of the world in dire trouble.

"It has been 1000 years since the War of the Goddesses - Ravenna is dead, and the Pyli Kingdom has become prosperous once again. Or so it seems. As an novice at the prestigious Porble Academy, life takes an unexpected twist when you arrive late in Valeria, the capital." It seems there's a deep history to the game and the developers are really stretching themselves with this one. There's something for everyone.

Players can expect an "epic story", strategic turn-based battles, multiplayer aspects, as well as the ability to create your own adventures using preset tile-based assets. There's a great deal of depth on display, even from the 'Porbles' who are based on six different elements with "over 50 skills and 60 passive abilities."

Portal Fantasy is definitely one to wishlist if Zelda visuals and Pokemon gameplay are your jam.

Featured Image Credit: Valve

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