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Steam rolling out major new feature we've been waiting for

Steam rolling out major new feature we've been waiting for

Now you can prove those epic plays did actually happen

Recording an epic thing you did in-game on PC has always been a bit of a faff but this new major feature rolled out by Steam spells the end of those days.

Although it is relatively easy to record and clip your epic plays on console, PC players haven’t had it as easy, especially those who play games via Steam.

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However, the Valve storefront has recently revealed that it is introducing a Game Recording feature that is heading into its beta phase now.

The new built-in system for recording and sharing gameplay will allow players to record, replay, clip and share their epic plays ranging from small highlights to entire campaigns.

With the Background Recording mode, your gameplay is constantly being recorded in the background and saved to your preferred drive. Additionally, the On Demand Recording mode allows you to manually start and stop the recording if you’re worried about storage space.

Available through the Steam Overlay feature, you can also replay certain moments by quickly jumping back in time. Then you can head into the Recordings and Screenshots interface to edit any footage and clip it to highlight that perfect moment.

Last but not least you can also share your clips and this option is also available on the Steam Deck. This is accessible via the Save/Share interface during or after play.

There are two ways to record: having your footage automatically record in the background as soon as you start playing or assigning a hotkey to press whenever you want to start recording. The latter is a way to assure your storage doesn’t get out of hand but it is also easy to miss some epic moments.

The beta for the Game Recording feature is now live and players can sign up to try it out and offer any feedback before it is officially rolled out.

Featured Image Credit: Steam

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