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Steam is about to bury gamers in hundreds of free games, and I can't wait

Steam is about to bury gamers in hundreds of free games, and I can't wait

Steam is about to bury gamers in hundreds of free games, and I can't wait

If October wasn’t already a jam-packed month for games, Steam is also getting involved with its Steam Next Fest – an event that will see hundreds of games available to play for free.

Running from 9 October to the 16 at 10AM Pacific, Steam Next Fest is a “multi-day celebration of upcoming games” which will allow participants to “explore and play hundreds of demos, choose from dozens of livestreams to watch, and chat with developers about their games.” The event will give players the chance to try hundreds of upcoming releases as well as take part in various fun activities.

Check out The Enjenir official trailer below!

As the perfect opportunity to explore some upcoming indie releases, the Steam Next Fest will also give you the rare chance to chat with developers about the inspiration behind their titles as well as ask any questions you might have. This includes The Enjenir, a 3D physics building game from PeatyTurf which will be available to try out during the event.

Another title that will be available as a demo will be Histera, “a free-to-play fast-paced multiplayer shooter with a battlefield that changes on the fly.” With a map that changes randomly thanks to an unpredictable glitch, it demands adaptability and quick thinking from players as you can find yourself in everything from prehistoric jungles to war-town cityscapes.

Demeo Battles is also available, a competitive turn-based strategy game for up to four players. “Choose your champion, assemble an army of monstrous minions, and team up with another champion in your quest for turn-based glory!” reads the official Steam synopsis.

All these games and many more will be available to get stuck into from 9 October until the 16. If you find yourself enjoying them, make sure to take advantage of the developers behind them and see what interesting information you can find out. When else do you get the chance to play over 100 free games?

Featured Image Credit: Steam

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