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Steam free games: 6 new titles to download and keep in massive giveaway

Steam free games: 6 new titles to download and keep in massive giveaway

Who doesn't love video game freebies?

It seems that we all can’t get enough of free video game goodness and we’ve got even more Steam freebies to claim.

In recent weeks, Steam has either been giving away games with a 100% discount or highlighting some fantastic free-to-play offerings and this week is certainly no exception.

Check out Valve's handheld gaming PC, the Steam Deck below!

Some of the free Steam games on PC offered this week include zombie slaying, crafting, exploring, wild west showdowns, as well as some good old-fashioned competing against friends and other players online.

Below are the latest free games that you can download now from Steam and keep forever:

Can you survive the post-apocalyptic lands of Zombiolence, in a world of: “despair and extreme survival come together in order to end the largest plague of zombies ever seen? Face them all, in order to save humanity from its end. Buy, improve and plan a strategy to kill each and every one of them. Do you have what it takes to get it?”

RIFF is a sci-fi RPG that looks somewhat inspired by the Tron movies of yesteryear, offering: “A fully interactive, multi-user environment, RIFF VR allows users to create, explore, and live out their imaginations in limitless digital landscapes. Whether you’re participating in heart-racing PvP and PvE adventures, mingling with global users in vibrant social hubs, or creating your unique virtual reality content, RIFF VR is your gateway to an expansive digital universe.”

Tides of Dominion is an adventure game that will have you exploring the open waters, to: “embark on a maritime adventure, set amidst the rollicking waves of uncharted seas. Conquer islands, gather precious loot to upgrade your ship, and remember - in this game of nautical domination, it's either sink or swim!”

Quantum Rail is: “a thrilling, fast-paced first-person shooter that takes you on an exciting adventure through a sci-fi-themed wild west world. As you embark on your journey, you'll be tasked with safeguarding your train, tackling challenging puzzles, and engaging in intense combat. Traverse a series of quantum jump gates, delving deeper into the heart of robot territory.”

In Cave Crawlers, you: “play as a Dwarf searching for glory, power, and loot in the form of armour, weapons, potions, and items hidden underground from the world above. Your player has a fun, complex talent and stat system that you will use to fight powerful bosses and enemies. You'll find all kinds of mysteries along your journey, exploring different biomes, mobs, and items along the way.”

Finally, Yappie! Knockout is an online sports game that sees up to 24 players: “competing in a series of mini-games that take place in a colourful and chaotic world filled with traps and obstacles. The objective of the game is to be the last player standing after completing each round and avoiding elimination by falling off the edge of the platform, being knocked out by obstacles, or failing to complete the mini-game within the given time limit.”

If you’re concerned that there’s an expiry date on all the free games mentioned above, fear not. While some are in the early access phase, they will remain free-to-play for the foreseeable future. Happy days!

Featured Image Credit: Valve

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