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Steam free 9/10 game available to download and keep until 22 May

Steam free 9/10 game available to download and keep until 22 May

A Steam review with excellent reviews is currently available for free for the next week

Good news for fans of party games: a critically acclaimed title is available for free on Steam until May 22, and you can grab it from today.

There are already way too many games we need to catch up on this year as it is, mind you. Between Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, Balatro, Dragon's Dogma 2, and... well, way too many others to count, it's been an unreal year for releases. But there's always room for a little more, isn't there?

100% Orange Juice was published by Fruitbat Factor and developed by Orange_Juice, and launched back in 2013. The title has a free demo available on Steam currently, but the full game is free for the next week, meaning that even if it turns out that you're not a fan of the title then you still won't be losing too much by trying it.

The reviews for the title are pretty great too. One reviewer calls the game their "favourite party game of all time", while another calls it an "adorable game that successfully keeps me coming back for more whenever I get the chance to play with friends."

"This game is surprisingly deep. The 'cards' are integrated into the gameplay in such a way that they benefit other players the same way they benefit you, so the trick to 'deck building' is figuring out which cards are disproportionately favourable to your character. As for the actual gameplay, there's a high amount of randomness involved but you have to learn how to play the odds. This is far from just RNG, the game actually has a pretty high skill ceiling. It's also really fun because no matter how good you are at it, there is enough randomness that everyone still has a pretty fair shot at taking your down," a player with over 600 hours in the game wrote.

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