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Steam free download is perfect if you crave more Elder Scrolls

Steam free download is perfect if you crave more Elder Scrolls

This action RPG will have you giving up your COIN

Sometimes you need to scratch that The Elder Scrolls itch without actually dedicating time to the massive RPGs. Luckily, this upcoming open-world title should do the job just as well.

With every title in The Elder Scrolls series featuring multiple hours of content and quite a large time dedication, sometimes we crave something similar.

Check out one of the OG RPGs below with The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim trailer!

However, what could possibly stand up against Bethesda’s award-winning RPG series? Well, it seems as though Voin is taking the chance when it releases some time in the near future.

Voin is an upcoming open-world action RPG which sees players “fight hordes of enemies in fast-paced first-person hack-and-slash battles”.

Developed by Nikita Sozidar, this RPG will take players across all areas of a dark fantasy world but with dangers lurking at every turn, they will need to master the primordial elements in order to gain the upper hand.

“You are one of the elemental servants created by a powerful mage to fulfil one purpose: become a formidable weapon in the hands of your mysterious creators and join the quest to cleanse the world of a devastating plague that has consumed all life,” reads the official synopsis.

By mastering hack-and-slash combat with the ability to learn devastating combos, you will become one formidable foe as you take on spine-chilling bosses and their minions.

Additionally, Voin relies heavily on movement and players will be able to scale grandiose castles, dash across rivers and unleash fury from the skies all with ease all whilst using the available environment to help in the fight.

Voin is now available to try for free courtesy of an updated demo on Steam. This is the perfect time to playtest the game and offer any feedback before its full release so don’t miss out on this Skyrim-esque adventure.

Featured Image Credit: Nikita Sozidar

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